Citation and Referencing

It is very important to cite references in research papers in order to give due credit to the original contributor. Also, Citations and References provides avenues to readers, researchers, academicians and practitioners to follow on aspects of your work and the original work  cited, ultimately culminating into a web of knowledge.

All the authors please read the following regarding the citations and referencing:

The author (s) should mention only the actual references referred in the preparation of the manuscript. The list of all references should be alphabetically arranged in Harvard Style of Referencing as cited below-


  • Fan Wang and Surendra M Gupta., (2010), “Green Supply Chain: Product Life Cycle Approach” published by Mc-Graw Hill
  • Hunker, H.L. and A.J. Wright (1963), “Factors of Industrial Location in Ohio,” Ohio State University.

Book Chapters

  1. Siddhanti Vishwanath (2013), “A Delphi study on Green Supply Chain Management in Indian Industries: Evidence for a Research” titled “Social Aspects in Marketing Management for 21st Century published by Karnataka State Women’s University, Vijayapur, ISBN No- 978-93-83192-13-7, Vol-2, Page no:186-190

Journal and other articles

  • Bhattacharyya B.and L. D. Mago (1998), “Trade and environment issues in the WTO: Indian Experience”, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.
  • al, (1973)” Water, Air and Soil Pollution, D Reidel Publishing Company, Boston, USA, Pg 115 – 127
  • Tibben-Lembke, R. S. (2002). Life after death: Reverse logistics and the product life cycle. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 32, 223-244.Transportation Journal, 40(2), 5-16. Transportation Review, 36(3), 219-228.

Conference Proceedings

  • Global Supply Chain Management: Role of Emerging Economies, IMRC Conference, 2008, December 22-24 retrieved from

Unpublished Dissertations or Thesis

  • Siddhanti Vishwanath (2015): “Green Supply Chain Management in Indian Industries,” Thesis, Pondicherry University.

Online resources

  • Always indicate the date that the source was accessed, as online resources are frequently updated or removed.